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November 26, 2018

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Odebrecht: certainties, questions and lessons
Jorge Enrique Pizano’s recordings have turned on the reflectors on this case. What questions remain to be solved? What lessons for the fight against corruption can we learn from this case?  By David Ortiz Escobar.

Policía antimotines de Bogotá.Police force and students: how to handle and how not to handle street protests
Is it possible a police force without anti-riots functions? Should the Colombian police dismantle the Mobile Anti-riot Squad as requested by human rights defenders and some social movements? By Juan Carlos Ruiz.

Periodismo digital.

The crisis of the good journalism, how to finance it?
For transparency with readers we must warn that Razon Publica is, in some way, part of this story. How do we achieve serious journalism when there are no resources?  By Omar Rincón.

Iván Duque en campaña

Duque’s government and the polls: between foam and beer
What do the most recent polls say about the president who received the most votes in history, about his team and about his actions in three and a half months of government? By Andrés Segura.

Se aprueba proyecto de valorización en Bogotá.

Betterment Levy (special assessment): the good, the bad and the ugly
It is an essential instrument to enhance the city’s infrastructure, but constantly the public works are not executed, or are done badly. Good and bad experiences that the Council had to consider before approving it. By Edna Bonilla Sebá.

Marcha contra la estigmatización de la protesta social.

Protest and vandalism: how to guarantee the first one and to avoid the last one?
Legitimate protests by students have affected many citizens. Are they abusing of the right to protest or is it a consequence of living in a democratic state? By José Gregorio Hernández.

Pacto internacional por la información y la democracia.

“Orange” Communication: information and democracy
It is not a matter of distributing tablets or installing new antennas. Duque’s orange economy (creative economy) would have to be based on a creative and inclusive digital communications policy, focused on the facts and the truth. By Álvaro E. Duque.

La Economía Naranja

Duque’s approach of productivity: an orange confusion
The draft of the Development Plan is based on good ideas and good intentions for a 21st century economy. However, to have a real plan they have to be integrated and be defined more precisely. By Jaime Acosta Puertas.

Ministra Silvia Constain en debate del proyecto de ley

The citizens role in the modernization of Telecommunications
A new bill seeks to close the digital divide in Colombia. Are the proposed strategies suitable to achieve this goal? By Pilar Sáenz and Víctor Saavedra.



The Colombian state is in debt to women
After ten years of the enactment of the Law 1257, the Colombian State has not managed to advance in the full elimination of violence against women. By Adriana Alquichides.

Juan Luis Castro

Do we have a failed health system?
Corruption, diversion of resources, inefficiency of the system and insolvent EPS. By Juan Luis Castro.

Art and Culture

Aldea-Ciudad-Bogota-Fernando-Rojas.jpg - 187.07 kB

Caracas Avenue: The Champs Elysees of Bogotá

The history of a path through which, for a century, the lives of all Bogota citizens have passed. A story of how the capital has sought to become a modern city. By Fernando Rojas.

Political cartoon

canasta básica esencial

By Anyelik y Papeto. 


Gustavo Petro

Petro in limbo: political death for the leader of Colombia Humana?
The Council of State overturned the precautionary measures that had allowed Petro to hold office as senator. A few weeks ago, the Court had ruled on the fines. By Armando Novoa García.

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