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January 14th, 2019

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La Gran Colombia Gold Corp pidió la ayuda de las fuerzas armadas colombianas para expulsar a los mineros ilegales

The big mining companies received a lot from the government and are expecting more this year..
Taking advantage of the impulse that the government has given them, multinationals continue to increase their power. These are the facts, these are the projects, and these are the affected regions. By Álvaro Pardo.

Iván Duque y la ley de financiamiento

Taxes: why so many reforms … and so many subterfuges?
The Colombian state collects less than half of what it should collect. These are the numbers, the gaps that nobody covers, the maneuvers, the absurdities and the underlying reasons behind so many comings and goings. By Luis Hernando Barreto Nieto.

¿Cómo es la política antidrogas del gobierno Duque?.

“Ruta Futuro”: Duque’s anti-narcotics policy.
The government announced substantial changes to address a problem that is worsening. What is the new strategy, and how effective could it be for Colombia? By Sergio Uribe.

Nicolás Maduro se posesionó el pasado 10 de enero.

What’s going to happen in Venezuela?
Maduro was sworn in for his second term, while the crisis worsens, and the international pressure intensifies. There are two possible roads. By Carlos A. Romero.

Iván Duque y Alberto Carrasquilla

What happened to the tax reform?
Public opinion discussed only one point of the so-called «financing law»: the VAT increase. What happened to the other reforms? Who will pay for broken china? By Isidro Hernández Rodríguez. 

Sergio Fajardo, Claudia López y Jorge Robledo.

No place for the weak: the problems of the political «center».
The sharp division between the right and the left wing has led many in Colombia to declare themselves as «lukewarm», as a valid and necessary option. But, is the polarization so bad? Does the center have clear proposals for the country? By Nicolás Liendo.

La economía colombiana aún se recupera de la caída de los precios del petróleo.

Oil and mining: what will the new year be like?
The prices of oil and other minerals have improved but the Colombian economy is still on tenterhooks. What is the perspective and what can be done? By Amylkar D. Acosta M.

La directora del DPN se ha encargado de hacer un gira pedagógica explicando el Plan.

Analysis of the National Development Plan of 2018 – 2022 (Part II)
What is the place of education in the Plan? Is the president’s political discourse coherent to the text that he will submit to Congress? By Enrique Arrieta Díaz – Amanda Vargas Prieto.

Taxis en Bogotá

The necessary reinvention of the taxi in Bogotá.
A proposal for the modernization of the Mobility Secretariat can be the opportunity for taxis to adapt to new technologies. By Álvaro Rodríguez Valencia.


Gonzalo Guillen

Should the Prosecutor resign?
The permanence in office of Nestor Humberto Martinez is causing immense damage to the country. By Gonzalo Guillén.

Francisco Bernate

Are convictions for corruption proportional?
Colombia has the highest penalties in the continent, but this has not helped to reduce crime. By Francisco Bernate.

Art and Culture

Marcha de los ladrillos, Granada, Antioquia 2001. Jesús Abad Colorado.

Exhibitions that re-define the memories of our war.

As a result of the exhibitions that have been opened to the public these days, this balance seeks to analyze the role of these spaces in bringing the memories of the Colombian conflict to visitors who often have not heard about it. By Diana Galindo Cruz.

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Blacks and Whites’ Carnival.
Pictures: Juan Manuel Bernate.

Political Cartoons

Este año vienen cosas buenas contra todos

This week @papetopintapeor y @Anyelik.


La crisis del proceso de paz y la fragilidad del futuro

The crisis of the peace process and the fragility of the future.
Iván Márquez has re-appeared and stated that maybe it was a mistake to hand over the weapons. Does the peace process have active stakeholders? Why has it been so difficult to consolidate the peace process? By William Duica.

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