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August 27th, 2018

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Consulta Popular Anticorrupción
Consulta Popular Anticorrupción

The anti-corruption consultation: a victory-flavored defeat

Complete analysis and detailed information about the process and results of the vote. It sheds light upon  the clean and less clean forces that move the Colombian politics. By Javier Duque.

¿Qué hay detrás de la propuesta de aumentar el salario mínimo?

What is behind the proposal to increase the minimum wage?

Careful analysis of the economic, political and ideological implications of Senator Uribe's proposal to raise the minimum wage.  By  Jaime Tenjo Galarza.

   La elección del contralor: entre la técnica y la política

The Comptroller’s election: between technique and politics

Changes in the electoral system did not solve the doubts, and the Comptroller’s Office requires more in-depth reforms. The new Comptroller must move forward in six specific areas if he wants to gain independence from the political class. By  Jorge Iván Cuervo.


The non-recognition of drug-trafficking and kidnapping as related crimes

The President Duque’s proposal would make impossible to negotiate a peace processes with and armed group in the future. What is going to happen with the ELN (National Liberation Army)? By  Sebastián Zuleta

Exprocurador, Edgardo Maya.

Edgardo Maya: a dubious management

Although his questioned and questionable performance, the outgoing Comptroller dedicated himself to denouncing corruption but, was it lip service?  By  Por Libardo Espitia.

Cumbre de la Alianza del Pacífico, en Cali.

The Pacific Alliance: Reality vs. Expectations

This trade agreement has been highly praised by academia and the media, however its real impact and its benefit for Colombia is not clear. What’s going to happen after the changes in the government in two of its four members? By Carolina Urrego S. 


Corruption in Latin America: How is Latin America fighting corruption?

Corruption scandals are not only in Colombia however Colombia is not alone in the efforts to fight a scourge that seems to take over all the region. What has and has not worked in this crucial fight for the Latin American countries? By Camilo Enciso.

Congreso de UNASUR.

The end of Unasur? and the crisis of regionalism in South American

More than a leftist organization, Unasur is an independent space for cooperation in South America. Why was it created, what is its object and what does explain its crisis and the “irreversible withdrawal” of Colombia? By Fabio Sánchez.

Cultivos ilícitos.

Yes, we can have an effective anti-drug policy

The world has learned a lot about what works and what does not work regarding the cultivation, production, marketing and consumption of illegal drugs. These are the main lessons for Colombia. By Sergio Uribe.  


jose gregorio hernandez

An unfair treatment of sexual crimes in the JEP?

Sexual crimes are common crimes that must be judged according to the general rules and not as related to the conflict. By José Gregorio Hernández G.

jorge orlando melo

About the teaching of history in Colombia

The lack of knowledge in this field leads to debates that are more focused on people than on contents. By Jorge Orlando Melo.

Razón Pública

manuel rodriguez becerra

By Manuel Rodríguez Becerra.

Art and Culture

Comunidad Wayúu.

“Birds of Passage” and the Colombian “Bonanza” (economic boom): from our economic booms and our tragedies

An alternative history of Colombia could be told through the economic booms. In this case, the “bonanza marimbera” shows us that, instead of bringing prosperity, they almost always bring tragedies. By Santiago Trujillo

In Photos


A cycle ride to reminiscing old times in Bogotá. A day to be proud of being “bogotano”. By Angélica Zambrano.

Political cartoons


This week Papeto and @Anyelik.


Plaza de Toros La Santamaría.

The bullfights, who is right?

The Constitutional Court test again the issue of bullfighting vs animal abuse. What is new about these issues? By Andrea Mejía.


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