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November 12th, 2018

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Duque y Uribe.

Uribe, Duque’s opponent?
Is it true that the former president is opposed to the Government’s proposals? Here are the clues to understand this three – or four- cushion game. By Fabián Alejandro Acuña Villarraga y Diego Armando González. 

Luis Alfredo Garavito.

Garavito’s unforgivable crimes: Is it a mirror where we do not want to look at ourselves?
After murdering more than 200 girls and boys, he is about to get out of jail. The angry reactions were immediately unleashed, but in Colombia there were worse crimes that go unpunished with the support of the same people. By Roberto Solarte.

Duque en reunión con los gremios sobre la Ley de financiamiento.

Duque’s tax reform: how would it work and how can it be improved?
The project has been harshly criticized by the public opinion and by many politicians. But, what does it really consist of? Who would it benefit and whom would it harm? Careful analysis of a very controversial bill.  By Daniel Wills.

Las víctimas ya no son el centro del acuerdo.

The reform of the JEP: Does it entail a third negotiation of the Havana Agreement?
The first commission of the Senate approved a constitutional amendment of the JEP. It would include 14 new judges, experts in «operational» law. What does this mean? By Camilo Bernal Sarmiento. 

Néstor Humberto Martínez.

The prosecutor’s proposals against drugs: will they work?
Reduce the energy supply, provide them less efficient gasoline, do not sell them cement and policies to disincentive cash transactions in the producing areas. Considering the drug business’ concrete and tangible figures, how much impact would have these measures? By Angélica Durán Martínez.

congreso-republica-salario-luis-barreto.jpg - 129.96 kB

Finally, the congressmen reached an agreement: their salaries will not be lowered
Although twelve million Colombians demanded it, although all the parties had agreed and although the president proposed it, the congressmen sank the project. But the government, if it wants, could cut those salaries.  By Luis Hernando Barreto.

Negocios verdes para combatir la deforestación.

Protecting the environment while forsaking people?
To expel or not to expel populations living in high environmental interest areas. This is the urgent dilemma that pose the peace agreement and the growing occupation of forest areas in Colombia. By Laura J. Santacoloma.

Deterioro de Transmilenios

The new Transmilenio buses: neither so good… nor so bad
Although Peñalosa has already decided, the fight is still alive. What will be the quality of the air that we will breathe in Bogota? To what extent is the mayor right and to what extent his opponents are right.? By Daniel Páez.

Elecciones de medio término en Estados Unidos.

Elections in the United States: the return of the Democrats
While changes in the Senate were not expected, there is a renewal wave in the House and the local powers due to the women, young people, minorities and the formerly apathetic. What does it mean for Trump? and what are the Democrats going to do now? By Sandra Borda. 


Mauricio Toro

Financing Law for the orange economy
These are the reasons why the benefits of the thi Law are a zero sum. By Mauricio Toro.

Rudof Hommes

How is the development plan of President Duque government?
It resembles more a public relations plan than a a development plan. Are we losing another chance? By Rudolf Hommes. 

Hernando Gomez Buendia

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Art and Culture

XII juegos de integración de Isla Fuerte

Coldeportes’ 50 years: sports, politics and peace building

Twin and crossed histories: the history of Colombia and the history of the institute to promote sport. Or, in other words, the history of Colombia and sport in Colombia. There is great and significant crisscrosses. By Andrés Felipe Hernández.

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Marcha Zombie

Zombie March for education
Pictures: Andrés Monroy @AndresMonroyG

Political cartoon

Con educación no hay miseria y sin miseria se acaba el turismo

This week Papeto.


Presidente Iván Duque.

Special: Where is Duque going?
President Duque has been in the Casa de Nariño for a hundred days. What does the relationship with his party, his cabinet and the United States, tell us? and why his program is the most conservative in the history of the Colombian government? By Hernando Gómez Buendía. 

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