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January, 21st – 28th 2019

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Escuela General Santander luego del atentado.

The loose ends of the terrorist attack in Bogotá..
Was it a suicide attack, a smoke screen or an aftermath of the peace process? Little is known about the attack at the School of Police Cadets, however it raises many questions. But the government is taking steps that could be wrong. By Jorge Mantilla.

¿Se deben regular las redes sociales?
To regulate or not to regulate social networks?
A bill and a controversial declaration reopened the debate. Is freedom of expression in danger? By Víctor Solano.

Corruption in justice system and control bodies.
The prosecutor’s case is the tip of the iceberg. The lack of results, the politicization and the corruption in the control organisms and the justice system are alarming. These are the figures. By Felipe Jiménez Ángel. 

mujeres maltratadas

Why do victims of intrafamily violence stay with their aggressors?
The Rugeles-González case has given rise to a controversy that deserves more attention. What do psychologists say about a behavior that seems inexplicable? And what should women and men know about this problem. By Catalina Ruiz-Navarro.

Magistrados de la JEP

The first year of the JEP: turbulence and great expectations.
There were many problems and some progress. What has been done and what are the challenges in relation to the crimes of the conflict for judges, defendants, victims, government and society. By Camilo E. Umaña.

El pasaje de Transmilenio aumentará 100 pesos, sumando 600 pesos al valor aumentado durante esta alcaldía.

Why did the price of the Trasmilenio ticket rise again?
Private operators have always come away with the lion’s share of the business, while the users must pay the cost overruns. This is the story, and these are the numbers. By Libardo Espitia.

Después del desarme de las FARC, se reconfiguró el narcotráfico en Tumaco.

Mexican drug traffickers in Colombia.
What does it mean the presence of Mexican drug trafficking organizations in our territory? The example of Tumaco provides an essential insight into the magnitude and real importance of that presence. By Juan Carlos Garzón – Andrés Cajiao.

¿En qué consiste el proyecto de vivienda del gobierno Duque?

Housing and habitat: Duque’s government proposal.
No more houses free of charge? What will happen to the subsidies? These are the novelties of the bill proposed by the government. By Fabio Giraldo Isaza.

El Brexit que propone Theresa May es el acuerdo internacional más importante de Reino Unido desde el final de la Segunda guerra mundial.

Brexit: a dead end
A simple explanation of a huge mess with major consequences for the world economy. Decisions taken too lightly are often costly. By Ildikó Szegedy-Maszák.


Catherine Juvinao

Why do people have to keep marching?
We should not permit that a specific party or a specific politician take ownership of the causes. By Cathy Juvinao.

Lizet Duran

Carlos Queiroz. The new coach of the Colombian National Team.
Since July of the previous year when it was known that José Néstor Pékerman was not continuing, the decision should have been made. By Lizet Durán.

Art and Culture

Yalitza Aparicio interpretando a Cleo.

Rome: an insight into a Latin American home.

The movie of the moment not only confirms the influence of Netflix in the film industry but also faces us with a reality that seems we do not want to see although it is part of our everyday life. By Ana María Ferreira.

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March against the terrorism
Fotos Angélica Zambrano @Anyelik.

Political cartoons

Que terror que en este país no haya a quien creerle

This week @papetopintapeor y @Anyelik.


Miembros del Ejército de Liberación Nacional, ELN.

The ELN (National Liberation Army) has everything to lose in the war but a lot to gain at the negotiating table.
After years of negotiations with prior governments without major advances, Duque suspended the negotiations with the ELN. Did the ELN miss the opportunity? By Boris Duarte.

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