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October 22nd, 2018

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Popular consultations cannot prohibit extractive activities, and now what?

Popular consultations cannot prohibit extractive activities, and now what?
After several somersaults between the Constitutional Court and the Council of State, the hot potato returns to Congress. The only sensible way out is the dialogue among Nation, municipalities, businesses and citizens.  By Amylkar D. Acosta M.

Los problemas de la educación superior, más allá de la coyuntura

Higher education problems, beyond the conjuncture
It will not be enough for President Duque’s administration to fill the gap. Uribe and Santos tried dubious solutions to the problem, and so we ended up with low coverage, low investment per student and a lot of fear of reforms. What to do? By Francisco Cajiao.

 Nos quieren meter proyectos sin consulta y sin estudios

The implementation of investment projects without consultation and without studies
Instead of strengthening controls on investment projects that affect the environment and communities, some congressmen are seeking to reduce them. What does this proposal consist of – and how far does it go? By Andrés Ángel.

Cambio Climático

The 1,5º C Report: a dramatic call to preserve life
The Paris Agreement fell short, and today we have only 11 years to save life on the planet. This announcement of the scientists gathered by the UN demands drastic actions by all governments. Could it be that they continue to turn a deaf ear? By Manuel Guzmán-Hennessey.

Comisión Primera Constitucional

Should we have local and legislative elections at the same time?
Once again, the possibility of unifying regional mandates with the congressmen’s period is discussed. Is it serious, or is it a prank that returns to excite the politicians? By Yann Basset.

Fuerzas Militares

Reducing the army in the post-conflict. Four key elements for the analysis
Today we have forty thousand soldiers less than five years ago. Is it a positive effect of the post-conflict, or a mistake in the face of new threats to security in the regions? Here, a response based on knowledge, experience and figures. By Juan Esteban Ugarriza.

Presentación de pruebas ICFES

Colombian education and the lack of critical thinking: what to do
Without critical thinking there is no progress, but in Colombia we are, really, far behind. There is, however, good news: teachers can achieve a lot by revising and changing their teaching practices in schools and colleges.  By Carlos F. Vélez Gutiérrez.

Colombia como marca

The ethic of the tourist
The good news is the remarkable increase of travelers to Colombia, the bad news is that for many the main attraction is «sex tourism.» A real scandal. By Alexander Restrepo Ramírez.

Rey Salman con Vladimir Putin

Saudi Arabia: geopolitical power, religion and death
The Saudi government says the journalist died because of a fist fight! The mess is much more than that: Saudi Arabia is a key player in all the conflicts in that part of the world and an ally that the United States does not dare bother. By Carlos Alberto Patiño Villa.

VideosAntonio Caballero

Oligarchies in the Colombian History
From independence until now oligarchies have ruled Colombia, successive oligarchies but not always the same one. By Antonio Caballero.


Why is prior consultation important in Colombia?
It is important to defend this legal instrument because it is the minimum guarantee to safeguard the survival of indigenous peoples. By Feliciano Valencia.

Art and Culture

Amazona de Clare Weiskopf

Amazona: Is it possible to be a mother and at the same time to be free?
This documentary by Clare Weiskopf was nominated as the best Ibero-American film for the Goya Awards 2018. Amazona poses the necessary questions about the meaning of motherhood for mothers themselves. By Elizabeth Rush.

Razonpublica in images

By Angélica Zambrano @Anyelik.

Political cartoons

Cuenta corriente en PanamáBy Papeto.


Reserva Van der Hammen

Lagos de Torca: the project that is threatening the Reserve van der Hammen without touching it
This new project by mayor Penalosa would end with the possibility of connecting the Van der Hammen reserve with the eastern hills. The local administration is planning to surround an ecological corridor with areas for industrial and commercial use. What’s next for the Reserve? By Daniel Bernal.

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