August 20th, 2018 - Razón Pública
Anti-corruption Consultation

August 20th, 2018


Anti-corruption Consultation

The Anti-corruption Consultation: It may be debatable, but it must be voted on

Regardless of the doubts that its seven questions raise, this consultation is a great opportunity to rethink an urgent debate for Colombia. By Marcela Anzola.


Composición del Senado de la República.

What are proposing the opposition and the independents?

These are the bills and constitutional reforms that have been presented by congressmen who are not in government. Where are they going to? By Miguel Antonio Galvis.

Presidente Duque en inundaciones en Puerto Carreño, Vichada.

The cost of the torrential rainstorms: the case of Mocoa

Natural disasters produce economic, environmental and life costs. How can be mitigated the risk and what are the the benefits of rebuilding an affected area? By Fernando Carriazo.

Secretario de Movilidad de Bogotá, Juan Pablo Bocarejo.

The traffic light system in Bogotá: the Attorney General’s witch hunt

The accusations against Secretary Bocarejo can be rebutted by an analysis of the technical evidence. How to explain then the actions of the Attorney General? By Daniel Páez.

Google Maps.

The GPS and the insecurity in cities: a bad combination?

A senior official of the Bank of the Republic died for following the route indicated by Waze? Is the app responsible? By  Carolina Botero.

Frontera colombo-venezolana. Paso en Cúcuta.

Why do Venezuelans feel more discriminated in Colombia than in the United States?

Despite having the same culture and the same language, Venezuelan migrants feel better treated in Florida than in Colombia.  By Augusto Pérez G.

Incautación de Marihuana

Cauca: a war for the land and a war against drugs

In Cauca there is still no peace. What to do with poverty, the fight for land and the cultivation of coca leaf and marijuana?  By  Fernando Guerra.

consulta anticorrupcion

Soborno como una forma de corrupción.

Why is there corruption in Colombia?

This scourge is a complex and internalized phenomenon in our society. Voting «yes» to the Anti-Corruption Consultation is just the beginning.  By Eduardo Lindarte Middleton.

consulta anticorrupcion
Presupuesto Público.

The anti-corruption consultation: A confusing proposal of citizen participation

The lack of precision concerning the citizen participation in the discussion of the national budget could trigger more disorder and errors than benefits. By Juan Carlos Restrepo.

consulta anticorrupcion

Claudia López una de las líderes de la consulta anticorrupción.

The Anti-Corruption Consultation: more punitive populism

The increase in punishment proposed by the consultation is an old idea, which already exists in the current laws. It is inefficient and inadequate to attack the underlying problem. By Farid Samir Benavides.

consulta anticorrupcion

Why is it necessary to reduce the salary of the congressmen?

The international comparison shows that a great distance between the minimum wage and the salary of the parliamentarians is typical of the poorest and most unequal countries, and this produces social unrest. By Luis Hernando Barreto.


Angelica lozano

consulta anticorrupcion

This week the anti-corruption consultation will be voted

The consultation is a unique opportunity to reform Congress. In the last twenty years Congress has sunk the projects that seek to reform it. By Angélica Lozano.

juan Carlos anez

MAMBO is now free in Bogotá

Allianz and Mambo have come together to offer free access for visitors every Thursday for 6 months between 6 pm and 9 pm. By Juan Carlos Añez.


Art and Culture

deportistas-juegos-centroamericanos-andres-hernandez.jpg - 111.51 kB

What’s next for Colombia after the Central American and Caribbean Games?

Our recent triumphs are the result of the support that the Santos government gave to athletes. What will the government of President Duque bring? By Andrés Felipe Hernández.

Mirada Pública

buena vista

Tourist Corridor Buenavista Sol lunar

The proposal to make the Buenavista neighborhood a tourist corridor is part of a process of change in this community Photos Angélica Zambrano.

Political cartoon

Que no quedemos como el país que le dijo no a la paz y si a la corrupción.

By @Anyelik and Papeto.


Expresidente, Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Former presidents and old furniture

A tour of the recent history of the Colombian presidents shows that their function had been clear but discreet. Former President Uribe changed the rules of the game, Gaviria and Pastrana followed him. By Andrés Dávila.

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