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December 3, 2018

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La corrupción estatal es secuestro social

Scandals, business and war: how far will corruption go?
An outrageous complaint and an appeal to the citizens. A detailed review of the recent developments that involve both President Duque and his rival Gustavo Petro. By Hernando Llano Ángel.

¿Ahora sí pasará la Ley de Financiamiento?.The good, the bad and the ugly of the Financing Law.
Are you wondering what happened to the tax reform after the dropping of the unpopular VAT extension? Here we will tell you it in understandable words. By Daniel Wills.

La Comisión de la verdad y su papel para la democracia
La semana pasada Duque no asistió a la inauguración de la Comisión de la verdad. ¿Qué significa esto para la democracia? Responde William Duica.

Documental la Negociación- Margarita Martínez

The case of La Negociación: who won?
A documentary about the Colombian peace process was finally screened this weekend. How does it depict Uribe, Petro, Cine Colombia and the freedom of expression defenders? By Pedro Adrián Zuluaga.

Este año han matado alrededor de 150 líderes sociales.

New decree for the protection of social leaders: will it work?
The government’s plan to stop the killings and threats is a sign of political will. However, it is worth asking what happened with the previous advances and what is involved in the use «artificial intelligence», included in the proposal. By Carlos A. Guevara J.

Presidente Duque firma pacto anticorrupción para proyectos de ley

The anti-corruption projects that are being shipwrecked in Congress.
The balance is bleak: eleven million votes, the commitment from the president and all parties, but nothing has happened. However, there are three projects that we can still rescue-if we mobilize. By Andrés Hernández.

La reforma del gobierno Santos se hizo para favorecer el acuerdo de paz.

The new law on public order: will other peace negotiations be possible?
Changes in the way the dialogues are carried out, in the regime for special zones and in the balance between peace and security. By Hugo Acero Velásquez.

¿Qué viene para el Brexit?

The Brexit: journey of an inconvenient divorce.
Summary explanation of the agreement between England and the European Union that the parliament must approve or deny in a few days, of the deep divisions it is causing, and of the even deeper questions that this process poses for the world. By Ildikó Szegedy-Maszák.

Industria Cárnica.

Export of live cattle: is such cruelty necessary?
Although Colombia is one of the few Latin American countries that exports live cattle, most Colombians do not know the nightmare that the animals must experience during the trip. By Luis C. Sarmiento Martínez.


Fabian Sanabria

Pablo Escobar has not died.
Pablo Escobar reincarnates in all corrupt politicians, who speak out against corruption, but who remain corrupt. By Fabián Sanabria.
Alejandro Palacio

The table for the defense of education.
We cannot allow that in a so unequal country, as Colombia, public universities fail. By Alejandro Palacio.

Art and Culture

Iván Duque en Leticia.

Orange Economy (creative economy) and three fairy tales.

In this article children’s stories help us to understand the cultural policy proposed by the government of President Duque. As in every fable, there are morals. By Santiago Trujillo.

Mirada Pública


Welcome to Bogotá
Fotografías de Angélica Zambrano @Anyelik.

Sazón Pública

canasta básica esencial

Los colombianos nos vamos ajustando a la Canasta básica esencial del gobierno, en la Ley de financiamiento. Caricaturas de Anyelik y Papeto. 


Barrio Pablo Escobar.

Dark tourism in Medellín: money or bullets? memory or repair?
Authorities limit themselves to prohibit tourism associated with Pablo Escobar, which is considered as an “apology for crime”. But, on the other hand, the government should promote actively a responsible memory of the Colombian history. By Camilo Tamayo Gómez.

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