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December 10th, 2018

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Luis Carlos Sarmiento.


The Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Organization: the real Colombian State?
The tycoon has great influence on many areas of the Colombian economy. What is his liability in the Odebrecht scandal? By Aurelio Suárez.

Duque y Martínez.  An ad hoc prosecutor: Is it the solution?
We would need another prosecutor’s office to investigate corruption related to Odebrecht, without Prosecutor Martínez interfering or having to resign. How did we get to this? By Jorge Iván Cuervo R.


The phantom of historical revisionism surrounds the National Center of Historical Memory.
While the government insists that the historical memory of the armed conflict be rewritten so that it will please the right wing, victims’ organizations need that the government appoint a suitable person to lead this entity in the coming years. By Jefferson Jaramillo Marín and Érika Parrado Pardo.


¿Cómo se define qué es un hogar?.

Why is the size of households shrinking?
The Census showed that the number of people per household is lower. What does this say about changes in gender roles and new trends in the Colombian economy? By Diva Marcela García García and Ángela Jaramillo de Mendoza.

¿Es viable la demanda a pesar de los contratos fraudulentos?

Odebrecht sued Colombia: does international law protect corruption?
Although it seems unbelievable, Odebrecht is claiming 3.8 billion pesos to Colombia. Here are the clues to understand why Colombia could end up in debt with this corrupt multinational. By Enrique Prieto-Rios and René Urueña.

Ministra de Justicia, Gloria María Borrero

Another bill that has failed to pass: will it be impossible to reform justice?Again, it was a central campaign promise, the president proposed the bill, and Congress gave it a third-rate burial. How long will last the corruption and the inefficiency in the provision of this fundamental service? By Farid Samir Benavides Vanegas.

El nuevo POT le apuesta a la disminución del uso de automóviles

Planning Bogotá for 2031.
Bogota’s planning secretary explains the new Land Management Plan (POT), which is already being evaluated by the CAR. This is how the future of the country’s capital is planned – or at least for the next 12 years -. By Andrés Ortiz Gómez.

Representante Especial del Secretario General de la ONU para la Migración Internacional.

Global Compact for Migration: how does it affect Colombia?
Today, December 10, the world pact that creates commitments in relation to migrants will be signed, but the pact has ignited a very serious international debate. Should we sign it? By Marcela Anzola.

Manifestaciones en Francia

The yellow vests that make Macron tremble.
What is motivating the movement that is putting in check the French government? Are they from the right or from the left wing? Causes and development of an improvised insurrection. By Olga L. González.




Mafe Rojas

Emissions 0 in Bogotá 2040?
This ambitious project seeks zero emissions in 2040 for vehicles that will be circulating in the city By María Fernanda Rojas.

Alejandro Palacio

The table for the defense of education.
We cannot allow that in a so unequal country, as Colombia, public universities fail. By Alejandro Palacio.


Art and Culture


Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, donde se jugó la final de la Copa Libertadores 2018.

Boca Juniors vs. River Plate: The triumph of colonialism.

The longest final in history included weather problems, cancellations and acts of violence. After much discussion and speculation, it took place in a Spanish stadium. Who really won? By David Quitián.

Razon Publica in images

Welcome to Bogotá
Welcome to Bogotá. Angélica Zambrano by @Anyelik.
El lamentable estado en que la séptima recibe en diciembre a vecinos y turistas para la celebraciónn de las fiestas de fin de año.

Political Cartoons


Anyelik Duque talentoso

This week   @papetopintapeor y @Anyelik  



¿Ahora sí pasará la Ley de Financiamiento?.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the Financing Law.
This week is crucial to know if the Bill will pass or fail – and if the fiscal gap will remain unfilled. Daniel Wills explains here the bill’s presentation.

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