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January 28th, 2019

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What will happen to the ELN?
The government broke the talks off. What would be consequences of this decision? Who will be affected? By Kyle Johnson.

Protestas en Venezuela
Transition in Venezuela: what’s next?
The circumstances put Juan Guaidó at the head of the opposition. But now he is at the center of a whirlwind where the United States, Russia, China, Europe and Latin America are taking drastic positions. How much more will last the Maduro government? By Ronal F. Rodríguez.


¿El mensaje de Duque a la comunidad internacional sobre las negociaciones con el ELN Duque después del atentado es el correcto?

The international effects of breaking the Protocol of the Peace Dialogue with the ELN.
What would be the international consequences from the Government’s decision not to comply with the protocol? Would the attack let free the government from the duty to comply with the Protocol? By Laura Betancur Restrepo.


A pesar del proceso de paz, la violencia en esta región persiste.

Why cannot Catatumbo put an end to violence?
A close look at the explosive mix of drugs, oil, guerrillas, dissidents and regular criminals in this martyred region of Colombia. What does the post-conflict actually mean? By Camilo Echandía and Irene Cabrera.


Juan Pablo Bieri.

Attacks on critical voices: strategy or coincidence?
What is behind the series of acts of censorship and attacks against journalists, television programs and critics of the government of Iván Duque. By Mario Morales.


Se estima que los migrantes venezolanos superan los tres millones.

What is happening to Venezuelan migrants in South America?
The incidents of xenophobia increase, and the attitude of the governments hardens. Could Colombia follow this path? By Alejandra León Rojas.


Bancada de la FARC.

Balance of the legislative debut of the FARC.
What have the senators and representatives of the former-guerrilla political party done? How much their presence has been noticed, what their interests are and how they have managed the alliances with other parties. By Juan Pablo Milanese.


El PNN Chiribiquete hace parte del mosaico de áreas protegidas y de resguardos indígenas.

Chiribiquete: a Colombian bastion against deforestation.
hiribiquete is an area with cultural, scenic and biological values ​​unparalleled in the world. Can it survive the deforestation that devastates the Amazon? By Patricio von Hildebrand.

El mayor problema de los agricultores es que no cuentan con garantías.

2019: a new beginning for Peasant Family Farming?
A UN Declaration may be the excuse for Colombia to recognize the importance of family farming and pay its historical debt. By Alejandro Gómez Dugand.



Jose Roberto Acosta

Pact of silence in the case of Odebrecht?
The Prosecutor has been reluctant to enter into a collaboration agreement with Odebrecht Brazil. By José Roberto Acosta.



Is it possible to save the Needle Caiman?
If the ban on the commercialization of caiman products is not lifted, we would be breaching a commitment with the communities. By Brigitte Baptiste.

Art and Culture

Fragmentos, la obra de Doris Salcedo.

«Fragments» of a peace agreement: the work of Doris Salcedo.
The Peace agreement with the FARC included a symbolic element that «Fragmentos» seeks to represent. Does this counter-monument achieve the spirit of peace? By Diana Galindo Cruz.

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“Ciudad Perdida”
Photos by Danilo Argüello.

Political Cartoons


This week @papetopintapeor y @Anyelik.



Odebrecht: certainties, questions and lessons.
Last week, former Odebrecht directors testified in the trial against José Elías Melo. What can we learn from this case of corruption? Many issues remain open. By David Ortiz.

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