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November 05, 2018

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Duque y Carrasquilla.

President Duque’s tax reform
What is it about? what is it is for and who will end up paying for it. By César Ferrari

 Apoyos de Jair Bolsonaro

The turn to the right: Is it a return to normal in Latin America?
In Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and now in Brazil (not to mention Central America) we have right-wing presidents. What is happening and where are we going. By Nicolás Liendo.

  Gustavo Petro

Petro in limbo: political death for the leader of Colombia Humana?
A disputed decision of the Constitutional Court left Petro’s political future is suspense. What was the decision about and what will be its aftermath? By Armando Novoa García

Fake news.

Today's public debate: passion’s triumph over reason
Trump, Bolsonaro… and the list is increasing. Why so many voters are choosing government proposals that are not supported on a rational analysis? By Juan David Cárdenas


The murder of a Venezuelan: justice or xenophobia?
After the social networks reported the kidnapping of a minor, the neighbors lynched a Venezuelan who was not responsible for it. How to understand these cases? By Iván Mojica.  

Economía Naranja.

Independent entrepreneurs or exploited workers?
Rappi, Uber,, and other platforms that serve as intermediaries between users and services are succeeding and they are employing thousands of workers in Colombia. But problems are arising. By Juan Carlos Guataquí

Mercados Campesinos.

The bill against the peasants
It is sold as a tool to improve living conditions in the rural sector, but when it is closely assessed, it seems to be intended to make the peasants work harder and under worst labor conditions. In the meanwhile, it would favor the financial sector. By Flor Esther Salazar

Investigación Científica.

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation: a good opportunity
Although it may seem like "putting a band-aid on something that needs stitches", the creation of this Ministry could be positive if it is taken seriously. By Hernán Jaramillo Salazar.


Gestión del riesgo.

El Niño again: how to handle it so as not to suffer so much?
Drought is threatening Colombia again. But the Government has not done much to deal with it. What will be next? By Gonzalo Duque-Escobar.


Alejandro Arrieta

Health service quality in Colombia
Only 30% of Colombians consider that the quality of health services is very good. By Alejandro Arrieta


Julian López

Is the Superintendence of Public Utilities without tools?
Once again, Colombians are left unprotected against the abuse of public utilities providers. By Julián López Murcia

Art and Culture


Are the Simpsons planning to get rid of Apu?
One of the most memorable characters in the popular series could leave it soon, but the debate has not been long in coming. Has the elimination of stereotyping on television gone too far? or is it a necessary gesture of respect towards the Indian community? By Ana María Ferreira.

Razon Publica in images

Marcha Zombie

Zombie march for education:
By Andrés Monroy @AndresMonroyG 

Political Cartoons

Los nuevos buses para la ciudad

This week Anyelik y Papeto. 


Carlos Calero comunicador social colombiano, nuevo cónsul de San Francisco.

Is there a foreign service career in Colombia or just only a political appointee system?
This government like its predecessors, continues appointing unskilled and not career people in embassies and consulates. Why is the Colombian foreign service still used to pay political favors?   By Walter Arévalo.

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