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January 7th, 2019

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Cambio Radical es el único partido que logró hacer crecer su bancada pero sin recuperar la pérdida de sus antiguos líderes.

Political parties: balance of 2018 and perspectives for 2019.
The 2018 revealed a crisis within the parties: dissidence, ideological inconsistencies and “caudillismo”. What to expect for the 2019 elections? By Yann Basset.

Iván Duque y la ley de financiamientoWhat happened with the financing law?
A concise explanation of the tax reform approved by Congress on 2018. By Jesús Botero García.
Así va la reforma política.

Political reform: much ado about nothing.
Even though the political reform had transformative potential, it was deformed in its passage through Congress and ended up being a Christmas tree without major changes. By Ricardo A. Bello Gómez.

¿Cómo será el Plan de Desarrollo que presentará Iván Duque?.

An analysis of the National Development Plan of 2018 – 2022 (Part I).
President Duque presented his roadmap: what are the most frequent topics and how do they relate to each other? What are the most used terms? How does it resemble and differ from the president’s speech? By Enrique Arrieta Díaz and Amanda Vargas Prieto.

Retrato de Pablo Escobar.

The Monaco building and the drug-trafficking culture.
Medellin want to put an end to the drug traffic symbols: easy-money and violent culture, including Pablo Escobar’s flagship building. However, much more than a demolition is needed to put an end to the drug-trafficking culture in the city. By Gustavo Duncan.

Iván Duque.

Citizen security in Colombia: the balance of 2018 and the challenges for 2019.
What happened in terms of citizen security last year? What can we expect this new year? A balance of the year that ended and some predictions for the beginning. By Juan Carlos Ruiz V.

Nicolás Maduro.

How to deal with Venezuela?
The crisis in the neighboring country continues and also the Maduro’s government. What can Colombia do to improve – or not to make worse – the situation? By Juan Gabriel Tokatlian *

La migración centroamericana ha sido uno de los temas claves en la relación con Estados Unidos.

The uncertain future of the relationship between Latin America and the United States.
At the center of the relationship among these countries are Venezuela, migration and drugs. What should expect Latin America from the northern power in the third year of Trump’s government? By Mauricio Jaramillo Jassir.

La guerra civil Siria que por ahora ha finalizado, despertó nuevas alianzas y movimientos geopolíticos.

Middle East in 2019: new alliances, old conflicts.
This region, characterized by instability and conflicts, will continue to be in trouble in the coming year. The United States plans its withdrawal, while other powers determine the political and military moves. By Marcos Peckel.

Art and Culture

Bicentenario Batalla de Boyacá

Happy old year: the historic 2019.

Revolutions that have aged poorly, an unforgettable minstrel and a bicentennial of independence that will be commemorated without Venezuelans, will be some of the important themes of the year that begins. By Nicolás Pernett.

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Cerro La Aguadora.
By @Anyelik

Political cartoons

Iván Duque sobre una pila de libros de historia con una gorra de Make America Graet Again

This week @Anyelik y @papetopintapeor .


Marcha en memoria de las y los líderes sociales asesinados recientemente en el país.

Social leaders and the sum of all means.
2019 started with deaths of social leaders almost every day. Will be able the State to defend them from threats? By Carlos Guevara.

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